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Competition for Housing is so High, The Spring Market is Starting Now

I have been in the Real Estate industry for 15 years now, and in those years statistically April has always been the busiest month. Thirteen days into 2020, and we are getting hit with a curve ball! This January is busier than ever!  I always tell my clients there is NO bad time to list your house, in reality there are people buying homes throughout the year. I tend to find sellers like less home competition, which is what the winter market provides. What we are seeing currently is a lot of buyers and a shortage in the homes being sold. The other day, I came across this article on CNBC and it couldn’t be more accurate. Take a moment and click the link below. It perfectly depicts our current housing market. My team and I are gearing up for a BUSY 2020! If you are thinking about listing your home this year – NOW is the time! Call us to help you get started!