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No Matter the Market, Open Houses Still Provide an Edge When It Comes to Selling Homes

Open House

Even as prospective buyers continue to turn to the Internet to search for their dream home, most agents will argue that open houses are still the best way for house hunters to see and feel if a home is the right fit. And nothing beats actually walking through a house and seeing it firsthand.

Plus, for older buyers—who may not be comfortable looking at homes on the Internet—the only way they’re going to discover the home of their dreams is to go see it in person.

When it comes to open houses and getting homes sold in today’s market, there’s growing concern among those in the industry that the housing downturn is a primary reason as to why open houses can be ineffective. During the housing boom, it was more common for buyers to make an offer at an open house because they were worried that another buyer would beat them to it. Today, this rarely happens.

If you’re planning on incorporating an open house into your home-selling strategy, real estate professionals suggest hiring a professional stager who’ll be able to offer advice when it comes to decluttering your home. Whether it’s moving stuff into storage, improving lighting or simply creating an inviting home, stagers will prove to be a beneficial asset throughout the entire process.

Open houses will also go a long way toward attracting a wide range of prospective buyers as they typically draw a cross section of people from nosy neighbors to those who are just starting their search. While you may not get serious offers from those who are just beginning the process, open houses are a great way to draw attention to your home, especially if it’s priced right. Buyers who have been pounding the pavement, searching for their dream home might finally find what they’ve been looking for, and since they know what else is out there, it could lead to a sale.

Additionally, having your neighbors show up for your open house can prove to be a benefit in disguise. While they’ve most likely been telling their friends about the merits of the neighborhood for years, your home being on the market may be the icing on the cake when it comes to them finally being able to enter the community.

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