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Pinterest Takes Industry to a Whole, New Level

As social media sites continue to infiltrate the real estate space, one site that’s not being used by many agents—yet has the capacity to be something special—is Pinterest.

Because it’s entirely visual, Pinterest is an ideal social media platform to sell a home as it’s all about people pinning interesting, inspiring, or creative images to virtual bulletin boards that get shared with all of their friends, family and acquaintances.

This means an agent can showcase your home on Pinterest by displaying image after image, sharing each photo with the site’s community at large. And the photos aren’t just limited to pictures of the home itself. Photos of the neighborhood, schools, nearby restaurants and other community happenings can be “pinned” to present a complete picture of the property and its surroundings, offering prospective buyers the chance to truly picture themselves living in the space.

For example, if your house is up for sale in a neighborhood known for its walkability and community spirit, your real estate agent can open up the Pinterest site to allow others to post photos and comments about their positive experiences in the area.

Any real estate agent will emphasize the power that photos have in online real estate marketing, and Pinterest will truly take the power of photos to the next level. When one photo is pinned, other users can “like” the posted pin, comment on it, and/or re-pin it to their own board.

According to recent data released by Pinterest, there are now more than 12 million members using the site and approximately 25 percent of all Pinterest users connect their account to their personal Facebook profile. Plus, the referral traffic tops the number of YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ referral traffic combined.

For those who are looking for tips on selling their home, Pinterest also has many boards devoted to stagers, real estate bloggers and other experts who show you how best to use your Pinterest boards to make your house stand out in pictures.

If your home is on Pinterest and someone “pins” it, everyone that is following that person will see it as well. By pinning photos with labels such as “Original Spanish tiles” or “Gourmet Kitchen,” people who are already on Pinterest looking for homes could find yours based on what they’re looking for. This opens up your market substantially.

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