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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips (since you’re quarantined at home, anyway) Put your best foot (or house) forward this spring!

Take Advantage of having more time on your hands: Feel encouraged by the time we have…but where to start?
Make a list and start checking things off!
Divide and conquer ~ you won’t do it all in one day, so take it one thing at a time.
Enlist your kids to help, make it a family affair!

Let’s start with the appliances:
Change filters, check furnace, carbon monoxide, and smoke detector systems. Nothing is more annoying than tracking down which smoke detector has dead batteries!
Deep clean appliances ~ ovens, microwaves, the fridge. Go the extra mile and organize that fridge! Get a gold star for organizing the pantry!

Time to move onto your Closets:
It is easier to purge a little at a time, rather than a full day endeavor. You’ve got to start somewhere!
If it doesn’t fit and you can’t wear it, get rid of it~ Rarely would it make sense to hold onto something that doesn’t fit you, even if you love it. Imagine the joy the next person will get from that item!
Use the “One In, One Out” method ~ Got a spectacular new blouse? Great! But only put it in the closet after removing one that is collecting dust. This is an easy tip to stay on top of your closet throughout the year! If you haven’t worn it in one full year, chances are you won’t next year either~ Time to go.
Finally, DONATE! For so many reasons, it is better to donate ~ keeps the items out of landfills, donations help fund job training and educational programs, and will help for tax credits! Triple threat that we’re loving!

Ready for the kids to help?!
Clean the interior windows
Organize their closets. No better time than to change out their clothes for a new season!

Last, let’s get outdoors! Even if we are under quarantine, it is important to get fresh air, and this will help homes show their best!
Pull out your hoses for the spring season
Sweep and wash the patio and exterior walkways
Give the exterior windows a good clean
Check your gutters
Organize and sweep out the garage

Happy Cleaning!