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Gilberts is a smaller town in Kane County just south of Algonquin and Huntley. The village has experienced substantial growth in recent years with the population at just 1,279 in the year 2000, to almost 7,500 today. This is due in large part to recent new home developments including townhomes and condos as part of the Town Center development.

Chicago residents continue to seek more open spaces, and Gilberts has become an attractive option for the Chicago area urban sprawl. However, the town has and will maintain its character and continue to be a place for families and businesses to grow. Gilberts is even taking a small step to become self-sustainable by creating a village owned internet provider.

The town is part of school District 300, with residents attending Gilberts Elementary, and split between Hampshire and H.D. Jacobs high schools.
The town’s motto is “Growing with a Vision”, so you can assure that officials and residents have plans for a great future in this community.

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