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Elgin is divided between Cook and Kane counties along the Fox River with a population of approximately 109,000, earning the title of the 8th largest city in Illinois. It is easily accessible through highways and public transportation, with three Metra stations and the Elgin Transportation Center – a hub for PACE bus service.

Elgin was originally known for the butter and dairy goods that it sold to the city of Chicago, and later for the Elgin Watch Company. Though the watch factory could not sustain its success, the name of the city of Elgin can still be seen on the clocks at Chicago’s Union Station. In most recent years, Elgin is perhaps best known for the Grand Victoria Casino Riverboat situated in downtown.

Elgin experienced exponential growth in the early 2010s with construction of new single family homes, townhouses, condos, and loft spaces. By 2013, Elgin was ranked #1 in Chicago metro area new home starts. The city now offers a collection of homes as diverse as the population.

The public schools fall into District U-46, featuring Elgin and Larkin High Schools, as well as District 301. It is also home to Judson University, Elgin Community College, and a National Louis University campus.

Earning the nickname “The City in the Suburbs”, Elgin is easily accessible and highly resourceful.

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