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Streamwood is located in Cook County with a population of 40,000. Single family housing options in the area is balanced between the original ranch style homes build around the 1950s, to the larger executive homes that were added during the extensive growth in the 1990s and 2000s, as well as several townhome communities.

Though primarily a residential community, the addition of the Sutton Park retail center at Rt. 59 and Irving Park Road has significantly improved quality of life for residents featuring a Super Target, Panera, Chase Bank, CVS Pharmacy, and a Starbucks.

Streamwood schools primarily fall under District U-46 and District 211, with most attending Streamwood High School. The town is prideful in the fact that the numerous schools within the districts allow most students to walk to school.

Streamwood Park District manages over 40 parks and facilities covering hundreds of acres in the community including Park Place Family Recreation Center and Hoosier Grove facilities.

The city hosts many community events throughout the year including Streamwood Stride and Summer Celebration. These events rely heavily on community volunteers, which implies that this Chicago suburb may have an abundance of people, but those people show their care for the community by giving back.

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